Calling all Tech-Experts

At Pictarine, tech is the heart and soul behind our product. We ask just one thing of the Tech team: come ready to share your ideas! From business and product ideas, to the latest in innovation and development, nothing is off-limits!

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Our Tech Vision

Staying up to date with tech advances

Quality and maintainable code

A simple and modern stack

Our motto: Build and Learn!

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What we’re proud of: The Squid Project! // and yes, it is INK-credible!

In 2022, we bid adieu to our old technologies and code dependencies and said bonjour to our 100% rewritten app code! 


A team of motivated all-stars, creating products that rock. Challenging each other daily, with code reviews and programming to take us to the next level!

crash free

That’s what our 2M of our yearly app users love about us!


From Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart to iOS, Android and Web … plus we can’t forget about our internal apps and our innovation projects!

Our Stack



Modern Concurrency
Swift Package Manager
The Composable Architecture
icon descriptionSwift
icon descriptionSwift UI


Android JetPack
icon descriptionKotlin

Frontend Web

React Server Components
UI/UX Best practicies
icon descriptionNext JS
icon descriptionReact
icon descriptionTypeScript


icon descriptionKotlin
icon descriptionPython


Github action
icon descriptionGoogle Cloud
icon descriptionBitrise
icon descriptionDocker
icon descriptionSwagger


Machine Learning
icon descriptionPython
icon descriptionGoogle Big Query
icon descriptionGoogle Data Studio
icon descriptionJupyter

The Dev Life

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Team buildings

Afterworks, Quiz Room, Go-Karting, LAN, Escape Games … when it comes to having fun, this team has no limits!

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Home grown Meetups

Whether its to talk data, user research or even host a Swift Toulouse Meetup, the doors to our new amphitheater are always open!

Don’t miss the next event!

Harder, better, faster, coder.

voyage wwdc 2022

The iOS Team takes on the WWDC

Toulouse-Paris-San Francisco, 12 hours on a plane, 9 hours of jet lag … but definitely worth it! Whether it’s at the WWDC, DroidCon, or Devoxx, we love learning and sharing with our peers worldwide!

Fun times this way! Discover the Picta Life

The Picta what?

In the meantime, meet the team!

We are problem solvers!

Our Lab

Here at Pictarine, we are always up for a challenge. When the going gets tough, we create our own tools to respond to our every need. Why create something rather than use an existing solution? To rise to the challenge and put our skills to use!



It all starts here. From marketing to customer support and even coding aid... each tool is a piece of the puzzle in our marketing strategy allowing us to accurately target the best users possible and become marketing hackers!


App Ninja

With the help of this ninja, the Pictarine team can read and respond to each review for our Android and iOS apps faster than a throwing star. No need to connect to a third-party application... just Slack!



Snip lets us efficiently and quickly handle code extracts for macOS. Entirely written in SwitUI, Snip can handle over 100 programming languages, GitHub synchronization, and even HTML/Markdown previews.



This Slack app gives us real-time app status updates with a Slack notification. It uses the App Store Connect API.



Ever accidentally spend over $200 on a query? Then our public, open-source BigQuery extension is for you! It lets you know exactly how much your query will cost before you hit "Run".


Release Note Now

This automatic release-note generator for GitHub is the tool for publishing open-source projects! The first-ever library on NPM, made available to the public by Pictarine.


Today’s Widget

Today's Widget is a quick and easy weather widget for the iPhone home screen. It works on all iOS/iPadOS devices currently running iOS 14+.

What app are you going to concoct in the Picta Lab? 🧪

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