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moment de détente sur le rooftop

Making Memories

Our most recent work trip

Que Calor! We packed our sunglasses and swim trunks for a few unforgettable days under the Spanish sun in Mallorca in 2022. Cue every form of transport possible: hot air balloons, catamarans, Jeep rides … but we also took a day to sit down and reflect on what values make Pictarine, Pictarine! Back to work, with smiles on our tanned faces and memories (to be printed, of course)!

la team dans la jeep au séminaire de majorque

And all the moments in between

From cooking classes and karaoke nights, to kayaking adventures and axe throwing, we’re never bored at Pictarine! There’s something for everyone.

And all the moments in between

From cooking classes and karaoke nights, to kayaking adventures and axe throwing, we’re never bored at Pictarine! There’s something for everyone.

petit déjeuner galette des rois
sortie kayak
atelier gnocchis
montgolfière au séminaire de majorque
pliage de la mongolfiere
selfie course foulées d'entreprises
picta bond au séminaire
journée bateau au séminaire à majorque
baignade à majorque
st patrick
summer party
soirée au séminaire à majorque

+ sur nos réseaux

Picta Values

Defining who we are: we put words to the values that unite us during our 2022 work trip to Mallorca. And then we took it to the next level, as we do, to share what that really means …

Ignite your spark

Everyone has an inner spark. Here at Pictarine, we not only recognize each individual’s unique talents, but we’re also here to fan the flames to help you burn bright in your work, career path, and beyond! The record to beat … 1, 2, 3, 4 … 5 different job positions in our company.

exemples d'évolutions dans la team pictarine
exercice de groupe au séminaire à majorque
teambuilding escape game

Teaming up for the adventure

Team spirit is the name of the game, with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and skills! And what better way to put this into practice than pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Solo we might go faster, but all together we are sure to go further!

Making the impossible possible

Because it took a heck of a lot of audacity, resourcefulness, and resilience to get where we are today! And who better to tell our story and share our ambitions than Guillaume, our CEO.

Sound like something you like? Join the team!

Sélectionne un des créneaux horaires pour en savoir plus.
Tape sur un des créneaux horaires pour en savoir plus.
Day 1
09:00Breakfast time!
10:30Team Meeting
12:00Lunch Break
14:00App testing time
17:30Happy Hour!
Day 2
11:00D&D (Demo and Disc….)
12:30Workout Time
17:30English lessons
Day 3
11:30Health at Pictarine
14:00All Hands
16:30Team building
première présentation de pictarine en 2016

Early days

Guillaume and Max join TechStars, the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world and pack their bags for Chicago.

premier partenaire walgreens

Game changer

The first partnership with Walgreens, the second largest pharmacy chain in the US, is signed! Thanks to our 1-hour, pick up in-store photo offer we drive millions of customers into the 9,021 partner stores nationwide. Making life easier, removing the need for kiosks … that’s the Pictarine way!

célébration des 2 millions de clients

2 million customers

We add a home delivery option in our apps with our newest partner District Photo, passing the 2 million customers mark.

deuxième partenaire cvs

Taking it to the next level

CVS and their network of 9,751 stores join our list of partners. We now have 3 delivery options: in-store with Walgreens and CVS or home delivery.

troisième partenaire walmart

Rule of Three: signing Walmart

Why stop there? 2020 marks the signing of our third partner: Walmart, the number one retailer in the US.

opération calamar

Operation Squid

A daring new challenge: rewriting and redesigning our applications 100% from scratch. Never resting on our laurels, that’s our motto.

célébration 2023

And we keep growing

A shiny new, 1,600 m2 office space for our rapidly growing team! And what an office it is … gym, stadium-seating amphitheater, nap rooms, and more for the best working environment possible!

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