How to take your best shots, ⤵️
What’s better than celebrating a special moment with loved ones, {lastname}? Capturing it perfectly on camera!

Taking great photos is easier than it looks! Start with my top 5 tips for taking photos with your phone.
Photo tips

1. Crop, don’t zoom
When you zoom in your photo's resolution will immediately decrease. Crop to take away the unwanted areas of the photo instead.

2. Gridlines will guide you
The lines will help you center your subject & to hold your phone in perfect balance. Activate them in your phone settings.

3. Get focused
Tap your screen where you would like your focus to be & your camera will come into focus automatically.

4. Forget that flash
A smartphone’s flash may overexpose your photo — and this does not make for a pretty picture 😐. Go for natural light!

5. Keep that lens clean
Ever wondered why your selfies come out clearer than regular photos? Give your camera lens a wipe and take another shot.